Social responsibility

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Values to which KBV Datacom d.o.o. strives in its entire business, we try to apply in numerous support actions in the community where our company lives and works. As one of the basic principles of our business is construction of facilities in the healthy and safe manner, which is not harmful to environment, so through cooperation with local community we support projects that improve health and positive values between people we live with.

KBV Datacom d.o.o. has participated in the number of actions with social topic, and the goal of donations was to offer support to medically and socially endangered people.

KBV Datacom d.o.o. with its investment has given contribution to the cultural development of a certain number of local communities, in the areas where we at that time had construction sites. Future belongs to young generations, and we tried to help in creation of conditions for their regular development, with special sensitivity to problems of undeveloped local communities.

KBV Datacom d.o.o. is also a sponsor of a number of sports collectives, because the values that sports can offer to children and youth are in the same time the values we strive for in our business.