Security systems

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Video surveillance

KBV Datacom d.o.o. is able to offer design and construction of the most modern video surveillance systems with installation of equipment from the leading world manufacturers in business and residential buildings and facilities. We can implement in your video surveillance system - CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) built with classic technology (coaxial cables for transfer of signal from camera to recording device - DVR) or technologically more advanced IP video surveillance system (with IP CCTV cameras and network video recorder - NVR).

For IP video surveillance we use IP cameras that generate analog signal, which is then digitalized and sent through computer network. This type of video surveillance system requires advanced network infrastructure, and KBV Datacom d.o.o. can become your partner also in the work on construction of network solution with appropriate characteristics. IP systems also support new generation of high resolution, and network video recorders (NVR) are used for recording, which are at the base of software platform or application that support managing large number of cameras and recording of large quantities of material.

Access control

Access control is a part of security system that limits access and flow of people based on facility security priority. Access control is often integrated with the system of evidencing working hours (presence) and video surveillance system in the unified corporate security system. One important function of the access control is identification of user movements, with the possibility of storing data on employees, points and times of access.

At the system entrance usually there is a card reader that based on reading identifies card user and decides on access allocation, based on the access rights level that were previously defined. Card readers are usually connected to the various types of locks, doors or ramps. It is common for the access control to be uses in the function of lower control level, where there is a large personnel fluctuation from the area of lower security priority to the area of larger security priority. The great advantage of the installation of access control system is that it is good starting base for construction of the integrated corporate security system.

Fire safety systems

KBV Datacom designs and constructs modern fire safety systems and installations in business and residential buildings and facilities. As a part of fire safety system we deliver fire centrals, fire detectors, wireless alarm systems, aspiration fire detection systems, systems for detection of het, water or gas, fire extinction systems and adequate cables of leading world manufacturers.


Security system integration

KBV Datacom d.o.o. can offer integration of different security systems (SINOP – system for integrated surveillance of open space, KBV Tracking System–system for vehicle tracking, video surveillance system, access control system, working hours and presence evidencing system and fire safety system in one unified security system.

The security system integration is very complex task, and often it is done at two basic levels, application and hardware. Systems to be integrated are often of different types and degree of their integration depends on technological and security limits of each individual component. Specific characteristics of individual systems such as fire safety system, which defined parameters are determined by law, often do not allow full integration of subsystems in unified security system, because in that way some necessary functions would be lost. System integrator has a task to integrate all security subsystems in harmonious unit,successfully implemented in the infrastructure of your company.

KBV Datacom d.o.o. based on the knowledge and experience of its designers and engineers can be reliable partner at the work of connection of all your security subsystems in unified integrated corporate security system.