CD and PMD measurement

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CD and PMD measurement (chromatic dispersion and dispersions of polarization mode) on optic fibers

KBV Datacom d.o.o. belongs to the small number of companies in our country which are able to perform CD and PMD measurements. We are equipped with the up-to-date equipment for measurement of chromatic dispersion (CD) and dispersions of polarization mode (PMD), and our expert team has ample experience on this jobs.

Through CD and PMD measurement, it is possible to define important parameters of optical network. There are several types of dispersion, but the consequence is always the same – divergence of the impulse, which can lead to degradation of transmission quality. Chromatic dispersion (CD) represents the key limiting parameters in terms of the capacity and quality of signal transmission via optical cables with single-mode fibers. Polarization mode dispersion (PMD) impacts degradation of optical signal transmission. Optic fiber does not have ideal circular symmetry, and small symmetry in geometry of the core is inevitable, which leads to the occurrence that polarization modes are spread with various speed. Besides imperfection of fiber shape, internal pressures in the fibers, which are originated during mounting (rigging, lateral pressures, twisting), can also lead to various group speeds of polarization modes. Movement of polarization modes at the end of fiber conforms the PMD. Since increase of PMD is also affected by cable installation, PMD represents imperfect measure of built optical network. Only those optic fibers that have value PMD < 10% of impulse width can have satisfactory quality. In order to define whether your optical network has necessary characteristics in terms of the capacity and quality of the signal transmission, it is necessary to carry out CD and PMD measurements, and complete service can be provided by KBV Datacom d.o.o..

With the up-to-date equipment for CD and PMD measurements on optic fibers, our employees have long-term experience and numerous personal references on such jobs.