Telecommunication infrastructure

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Optical cables and construction of optical networks

With fast development of telecommunication and requirements for greater flow power of networks, construction of one’s own networks of optical cables for operators is becoming condition for survival at the market of telecommunication services.


Advantages of optical cables are:

  • Significantly smaller dimensions in relation to copper cables
  • Possibility of transfer of larger quantities of information
  • Small signal weakening
  • Smaller weight per length meter
  • Easier laying in soil and other environments
  • Lower price
  • Resistance to electric interferences, water, low and high temperatures


KBV Datacom has references in construction of regional optical cables for leading operators of telecommunication services in the Serbian market. Expert construction team of KBV Datacom consists of engineers and technicians with personal references, which gained experience in construction of optical networks for years, and can address any technical challenge in this field.

KBV Datacom has the most modern equipment for connection of optical cables and measuring of network, including equipment for measuring of CD and PMD (chromatic dispersion and dispersion of polarizing mode)

Access networks for fix telephony

KBV Datacom d.o.o. has personnel and technological capacity for construction and design of all types of optical and copper access networks for fix telephony, from primary telecommunication networks to inlet telephone cables for business and residential facilities with relevant inner telephone installations.

We are able to independently do lying and mounting of cables, reconstruction of existing network, construction of cable sewage, as well as measuring of access network characteristics. Profound knowledge, vas experience and numerous personal references of site managers and installers of our Sector of construction, are guarantee of quality of performed works at all types of telecommunication networks. We are able to successfully address also to complex tasks in terms of contracting during construction of infrastructure network for fix telephony.


Transfer systems

We are able to offer, deliver and implement in your telecommunication infrastructure equipment of leading world manufacturers(optical and access systems, Ethernetaccess, interface converters, multiplexers...).

Triple Play services

KBV Datacom d.o.o. delivers complete solutions of access networks for ‘’Triple Play" services – design and realization of technical solutions with complete realization of service that unite broadband access to internet, delivery of TV signal and IP telephony.

Call Center Hosting & Solutions

Call centers represent efficient system for processing of telephone calls. Call centers are used by companies that wish to organize their telephone communication with clients in efficient and technologically advanced way. KBV Datacom d.o.o. is able to make technical solutions and realize complete designs of Call centers in modern business facilities.