Structure cabling

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Structure cabling is a universal method of telecommunication networking that enables flexible and adjustable solution. Such network solution enables various telecommunication services, which use unified cable system for all installations transferred in any format.

In modern world, access of the user to telecommunication network is a standard. By careful selection of passive equipment it is possible to achieve relevant high performance and quick response of network infrastructure, regardless of the complexity of client’s request.

Computer networks

KBV Datacom offers all types of network solutions - LAN, MAN, WAN. Our offer in this field is complete and includes design, construction, measuring and maintenance of local computer networks with delivery of the modern network devices. KBV Datacom is able to at the facilities it builds based on the ''turnkey'' method offer both active and passive network equipment of the leading world manufacturers: Cisco, Huawei, Nexans, Legrand...

Solutions for service providers

KBV Datacom,thanks to vast experience in the construction of optic networks, is able to offer to service providers design and construction of complete optical cable distribution system (OKDS),based on complete implementation of the principle Fiber to the Home. In a nutshell, optical fiber to every client, in the home, apartment, at work place, wide flow range and quick response for each type of service...

Solutions for investors in business and residential facilities of the new generation

KBV Datacom can offer technical solutions and construction of all types of cable infrastructure in business and residential buildings and compounds of new generation –''Smart buildings''. Investors that build modern facilities with network infrastructure of the latest generation, in KBV Datacom have a partner that can deliver network solution which enables their clients to have last generation services.