Design and contractor supervision

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KBV Datacom d.o.o. can offer to investor’s service of design and contractor supervision in the fields of telecommunication, electric power and traffic infrastructure. Quality of performance of works of technical supervision directly influences quality of performed works at the facility, construction costs and job completion deadlines. Hiring KBVDatacom d.o.o. for jobs of technical supervision you ensure design and construction of facility in compliance with relevant laws and standards, optimal price and construction deadlines, and the larger part of weight of cooperation with contractor in charge is taken by our design and contractor supervision.


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konsalting kbv

Department for designing and consulting of KBV Datacom d.o.o. is capable to offer clients with consulting services in the fields of telecommunications, gas power industry, electric power industry, railway traffic, road traffic, urbanism and spatial planning.


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inzenjering kbv

KBV Datacom d.o.o. is capable to offer engineering services for complex projects which require integration of know-how and experience in various fields. With personnel and technologically, we are equipped for managing all project phases, from planning, development and design, to its realization, monitoring and analysis.

Technical inspection of facilities

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KBV Datacom d.o.o. team of specialists, from the Sector for design and consulting, Sector for development and Sector for construction, based on knowledge, experience, licenses and personal references we have, can also offer to investors service of technical inspection of facilities of telecommunication, electric power and traffic infrastructure.

CD and PMD measurement

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CD and PMD measurement (chromatic dispersion and dispersions of polarization mode) on optic fibers

KBV Datacom d.o.o. belongs to the small number of companies in our country which are able to perform CD and PMD measurements. We are equipped with the up-to-date equipment for measurement of chromatic dispersion (CD) and dispersions of polarization mode (PMD), and our expert team has ample experience on this jobs.


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Design and supervision – new facilities, reconstruction, sanation

  • Spatial planning
  • All types of roads and city streets
  • Public railway infrastructures with connections and subway
  • Earth works (embankments, slopes, slides...), galleries and tunnels, support walls and inlets, protection of foundation pits depth to 5m and drainage
  • Terrain and free areas development
  • airports
  • traffic systems and signalization
  • all type of electric power installations of law and medium voltage
  • telecommunication infrastructure – networks of optical and copper cables
  • telephone switch boards
  • transfer systems SDH
  • systems for central surveillance and management NMC
  • railroad telecommunications
  • TK installations of architecture facilities (telephone installations, TV, video surveillance, anti-burglary systems and access control, intercoms, structural cabling system)